Say Hello to Andrea: The Ears of The Internet of Things.

The power of IoT is here to stay. It’s in all kinds of new connected devices, and it is something within the grasp of consumers.

We would like developers to consider using our microphone technology in the future, and especially for anyone looking to build their own IoT device that will utilize IBM Watson Assistant Solutions.

Andrea’s got the powerful “ears” that can hear you even in extremely noisy environments. That’s why we are used in millions of computers, police cruisers, robots, virtual teller machines (VTMs), customer service kiosks, intercom systems, and fast food restaurant drive thru order posts.

Our patented digital beam forming and adaptive noise cancellation signal processing enables accurate far-field speech recognition performance from up to 14 feet away.

So remember Andrea when you are considering voice-operated IoT applications that require advanced audio input technology, in particular speech recognition microphones and noise reduction software.

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PureAudio™ Array Microphone Development Kit


Andrea Electronics is a certified OEM microphone technology partner for IBM Watson™ Assistant Solutions

Andrea array microphone technology improves Watson speech recognition word error rate accuracy by almost 50% over competitive far-field noise canceling microphones when used in real world noisy environments.

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