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Andrea Electronics is a certified OEM microphone technology partner for IBM Watson™ Assistant Solutions

Andrea array microphone technology improves Watson speech recognition word error rate accuracy by almost 50% over competitive far-field noise canceling microphones when used in real world noisy environments.

Audio Filter Algorithms

Audio Filter Libraries Available to License for Your Devices’ Embedded Processors.

New internet connected devices controlled by natural language understanding require advanced audio input technology.
Andrea Electronics patented system of digital stereo beam-forming and noise cancellation signal processing enables accurate far-field speech recognition performance from up to 14 feet away!
Andrea’s award winning audio noise reduction software provides wide bandwidth fidelity with less digital artifacts and lower distortion, thus raising the bar for audio noise reduction sound quality.
Our latest filter libraries are designed for OEMs targeting new product platforms running Linux and Android operating systems, while utilizing new powerful mobile processors with DSP cores such as ARM.

Audio Noise Reduction Andrea

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Microphone
DSDA is a sophisticated and robust noise-cancellation solution developed to bring a new level of clarity to voice communication applications with superior audio noise reduction. A patented system approach of array microphone adaptive beam forming, the digital technology enables optimal performance of far-field voice input by centering microphone sensitivity on the user’s voice and canceling noise outside of the pick-up cone.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Microphone
An award winning digital noise canceling algorithm, PureAudio® is designed to attenuate ambient and electronic repetitive noises from the desired speech signal, improving the signal-to-noise ratio.
Audio Noise Reduction
An advanced full duplex acoustic echo cancelling algorithm, EchoStop™ was developed to also be incorporated with DSADA and PureAudio microphone technologies for a complete audio input and output solution.
Audio Noise Reduction
Patented Direction Finding and Tracking Array (DFTA™) technology utilizes an array of microphones and a unique algorithm to detect the presence of a user’s voice, determine the direction of the voice and follow and track it when it moves. In a videoconferencing setting, this unique technology can provide direction to a videoconferencing camera and allow the system to steer and concentrate on the speaker, thus providing a “video-follow-audio” capability.

More information on DFTA™ (.pdf)

Direction Finding and Tracking using XENSIV™ MEMS microphone array

• This demonstrator shows direction of arrival of sound using four XENSIV™ MEMS microphones
• Accurate source tracking and localization using 73 dB High SNR microphone array
• Applications: Conferencing devices, smartphones and laptops
• Infineon’s Sealed Dual Membrane (SDM) microphones with their exceptional linearity, phase and extremely tight sensitivity matching enable source tracking and tighter beamforming

Andrea is also highly skilled in the development of microphone hardware solutions utilizing digital signal processing.
We provide total microphone solutions for consumer, industrial and professional audio markets.

Our engineering capabilities and services include:
Microphone selection and pre-amplification (A2D/DAC)
System schematic design and low noise PCB layout
Acoustic housing industrial design and product integration
Quality manufacturing of subassemblies and final products
Anechoic sound lab for microphone acoustics and algorithm noise reduction performance testing.
Speech recognition error rate testing with different embedded microphone configurations with real world ambient noise types.




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