DA-30AEC Ceiling Array Microphone

Andrea DA-30AEC Digital Noise Reduction Ceiling Array Microphone with AEC

This product was tested with Axis Video Products and the C8210 Network Audio System. Andrea Electronics is a certified partner of Axis Communications®.


Digital Array Microphone with Beam Forming, Noise Reduction, Far-Field Enhancement
and Full-duplex Acoustic Echo Cancelation.

MSRP $330.00

Product Specifications:
-DSDA: stereo microphone Adaptive Beam Forming for directional pickup and de-reverb sound clarity.
-PureAudio: Digital Noise Reduction up to 12dB of ambient noise reduction.
-Far-Filed Enhancement: digital boost of weak detected sounds, enhancing up to 10dB.
-Full Duplex Acoustic Echo Cancellation: up to 35dB, provides speakerphone functionality.
(The Mic/AEC will work within a 3 foot or more radius from the loudspeaker output of ~85-90dB)
-3-inch round, flush ceiling mounted.

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Frequency Response: 300Hz-6.5kHz
Digital Sample rate: 16kHz
12V Power Over Ethernet or 120V AC power adapter
Mic level output
Integrates with all leading video management systems

Ceiling Microphone
3-Inch Ceiling Microphone (Front)
Ceiling Microphone Array
3-Inch Ceiling Microphone (Rear)


Video Security, Surveillance with Sound Monitoring

Intercom Full Duplex Audio Communications for:
-Retail Stores Public Address and Security
-Schools Public Address and Security &
-Healthcare Patients and Staff
-Business Offices and Conference Rooms
-Banking Operations and Security
-Secure Door Entrance-ways

Intelligent Environment Sound Monitoring:
-AI Audio Analytics
-AI NLP Listening

Video Surveillance Microphone, Video Security Microphone, Sound Monitoring Microphone

Ceiling Microphone - Benefits & Uses

Ceiling microphones are an excellent choice for conference rooms, classrooms, and other settings where clear audio is essential. Unlike traditional tabletop microphones, ceiling microphones can pick up audio from multiple directions, making them ideal for larger groups or rooms with complex acoustics.

A ceiling microphone is typically mounted on the ceiling and can be connected to a sound system or other audio equipment. Some models even offer advanced features such as echo cancellation and noise reduction, which can help ensure clear and crisp audio even in challenging environments.

When choosing a ceiling microphone, it’s important to consider factors such as the size of the room, the number of participants, and the acoustics of the space. Look for a model that offers adjustable settings and directional sensitivity to ensure the best possible audio quality.

Whether you’re hosting a conference, teaching a class, or holding a meeting, a ceiling microphone can help ensure that everyone can be heard clearly. With its ability to capture audio from multiple directions and advanced features for clear audio, a ceiling microphone can be a valuable addition to any audio setup.