DA-30AEC Ceiling Array Microphone

Andrea DA-30AEC Digital Noise Reduction Ceiling Array Microphone with AEC

This product was tested with Axis Video Products and the C8210 Network Audio System. Andrea Electronics is a certified partner of Axis Communications®.


Digital Array Microphone with Beam Forming, Noise Reduction, Far-Field Enhancement
and Full-duplex Acoustic Echo Cancelation.

MSRP $330.00

Product Specifications:
-DSDA: stereo microphone Adaptive Beam Forming for directional pickup and de-reverb sound clarity.
-PureAudio: Digital Noise Reduction up to 12dB of ambient noise reduction.
-Far-Filed Enhancement: digital boost of weak detected sounds, enhancing up to 10dB.
-Full Duplex Acoustic Echo Cancellation: up to 35dB, provides speakerphone functionality.
(The Mic/AEC will work within a 3 foot or more radius from the loudspeaker output of ~85-90dB)
-3-inch round, flush ceiling mounted.


Frequency Response: 300Hz-6.5kHz
Digital Sample rate: 16kHz
12V Power Over Ethernet or 120V AC power adapter
Mic level output
Integrates with all leading video management systems

Ceiling Microphone
3-Inch Ceiling Microphone (Front)
Ceiling Microphone Array
3-Inch Ceiling Microphone (Rear)


Video Security, Surveillance with Sound Monitoring

Intercom Full Duplex Audio Communications for:
-Retail Stores Public Address and Security
-Schools Public Address and Security &
-Healthcare Patients and Staff
-Business Offices and Conference Rooms
-Banking Operations and Security
-Secure Door Entrance-ways

Intelligent Environment Sound Monitoring:
-AI Audio Analytics
-AI NLP Listening

Video Surveillance Microphone, Video Security Microphone, Sound Monitoring Microphone