Industrial Weatherproof Array Microphone

Industrial Weatherproof Array Microphone

Advanced waterproof acoustic housing built for outdoor and harsh industrial environments.
Designed for use with Andrea’s DA-252 and USB array microphone products.


-Enhance quality recording in outdoor and noisy industrial environments
-IP-67 waterproof and dust resistant acoustic enclosure
-Wind noise reduction
-Long distance deployment: Analog or Digital USB transmission for up to 100 foot run
-CAT5e or CAT6 cabling for ease of IT type connections and installation
-Designed to work with Andrea DSP and USB array microphone platforms
-Can be integrated into customer devices

Ceiling Microphone
The Array Mic in a Stock Standalone Enclosure
Video Security Microphone
Array Mic Housing Front Grill Detail
Sound Monitoring Microphone
Array Mic Housing Back Cover Detail


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