PureAudio™ Plus Recorder for iOS Devices

Full-Function Digital Voice & Audio Recording Application for Apple iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch Devices, with Additional Features.


PureAudio Plus Recorder is an easy to use, stereo recorder for capturing interviews, lectures, music recitals, voice notes and more. Background noise reduction provides clear recordings for playback intelligibility and easier transcription. With its almost unlimited recording time, you never have to worry about cutting off the end of a long recording session.

PureAudio Plus Recorder provides these advanced features:

  • Patented digital noise reduction technology to remove up to 40dB of background noise from recordings.
  • Long distance recording enhancement, for amplifying low level sounds.
  • Voice/sound activated recording for minimizing dead space in recordings.
  • Stereo Mic input for capturing more natural sounding recordings.
  • Beam forming noise cancellation to reduce sounds coming from the sides.
  • Mic input VU meters for accurate monitoring of recording levels.
  • Unlimited bookmarks for easy navigation of large recordings.
  • Control audio filters while making a recording.
  • Four different sampling rates to control the size and quality of the recordings.
  • Three different recording formats: WAVE, CAF, AIFF

Note: Stereo recording and beam forming require an external stereo microphone.

Available now for your iPhone or iPod touch in the Apple iTunes Store.




  • 3D touch to start a recording from the icon on the home screen.
  • Fast application start-up, for capturing quick impulse recordings.
  • Intuitive simple to use interface.
  • Background recording and playback so you can use your other applications.
  • Automatic pause and resume when your recording or playback is interrupted by something such as a phone call.
  • User guide for easy instruction to all features and functions.
  • Recordings can be transcribed on your PC by using speech to text applications like Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred Edition.

Recording & Playback Functions:

  • Record and playback using your Bluetooth headset. Works with all versions of the iPhone, iPad 2 and newer, and iPod touch 4th generation and newer.
  • Set bookmarks during both record and playback.
  • During playback, jump to the next or previous bookmark.
  • Use the bookmark list to start playing at any bookmark.
  • Fast forward and fast reverse during playback using finger swipe gestures, or by using the audio position slider.
  • Append to existing recordings.
  • Single button to play all recordings.
  • Pause during recording or playback.
  • Easy navigation between recordings, using finger swipe gestures.
  • 10-band equalizer to customize your listening experience.

settings-210x446Recording Storage:

  • Recording time only limited by the amount of free memory and system file size limitations.
  • Organize, store and retrieve recordings using editable category folders.
  • Automatic numbering helps keep recordings organized in sequence.
  • Rename recordings.
  • Easy to move recordings to different categories.
  • View detailed information about recordings.
  • View recordings by category, or view recordings in all categories at once.
  • Add, delete, rename and rearrange recording categories.
  • Delete all recordings.

Transfer Recordings:

  • Transfer recordings to your computer using iTunes File Sharing.
  • Transfer recordings to your computer using Wi-Fi Sync.
  • Email your recordings – not just as a link.


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