PureAudio™ Array Microphones

For NVIDIA Jetson Edge Computing Platform

PureAudio™ Arrays: The ultimate microphone solution for your embedded edge computing applications

When it comes to your IoT devices, Andrea’s got the powerful “ears” that can hear you, even in extremely noisy environments. That’s why we are used in millions of computers, police cruisers, robots, virtual teller machines (VTMs), customer service kiosks, intercom systems, and fast food restaurant drive thru order posts.

Our patented digital beam forming and adaptive noise cancellation signal processing enables accurate far-field speech recognition from up to 14 feet away.

Note: This software only runs on the Andrea PureAudio™ USB-PA sound card and Jetson Edge AI Computing Devices.

The audio software allows any developer the ability to add clean audio to their application.

This is achieved by an audio filter library, which provides the following functionality:

  • Handles capturing the microphone input from the USB-PA device.
  • Handles sending the audio to be played out the USB-PA device.
  • Filters the input audio with beam forming, noise reduction and acoustic echo cancellation to provide clean audio in noisy environments.
  • Enabling voice command barge-in when audio is playing out the speakers.
  • Optionally, provides the filtered input audio buffers to the main application.

Andrea PureAudio™ Software for NVIDIA Jetson Linux OS

PureAudio™ Array Microphones for Voice Recognition

For developers looking to enable voice recognition, a high-performance microphone and advanced noise-canceling software are vital for optimal performance and successful trigger-phrase detection.A common problem with trigger-phrase detection is being able to detect the trigger-phrase when music is playing out of the speaker, located near the microphone. This is known as barging-in to the music in order to speak commands to the device.

The data below documents how Andrea’s audio filters significantly improve the barge-in performance of any speech recognition device, making the PureAudio™ Array Microphone the ideal microphone.


Compare the performance of Andrea’s audio filters vs the Amazon Echo in far-field operation.


Compare the performance of Andrea’s audio filters vs the Intel Speech Enabling Developer Kit.

The following graphs show the percent of successful commands from 2 feet (0.6 meters), 6 feet (1.8 meters), 10 feet (3.0 meters), 14 feet (4.3 meters) and 18 feet (5.5 meters).

Click on the Software Images Below for Algorithm Details:

For superior voice recognition, count on Andrea PureAudio™ Array Microphones to create a voice-driven experience that significantly outperforms the rest!

Applications We Enhance:

Kiosk Video Conferencing Customer Service
Smart Building Virtual Concierge and Intercom
Commercial, GOV and EDU Video Sound capture and Intercom
Autonomous vehicles and robot’s speech command and control
Enterprise, small business video conferencing
QSR AI-NLP Speech-To-Text ordering
AI Audio Analytics Industrial Machine Monitoring