PureAudio™ Live Recorder for iOS Devices

Full-Function Digital Voice & Audio Recording Application for Apple iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch Devices.
iOSLivev2PureAudio™ Live Recorder is a full function digital voice and audio recording application for use with Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices. The PureAudio™ Live Recorder is enhanced with Andrea’s patented digital noise reduction microphone technology.

PureAudio™ digitally reduces background noise, while enhancing the recorded sound quality and intelligibility when making recordings in real-world noisy mobile environments.

Available now for your iPhone in the Apple iTunes Store.





  • Fast application start-up, for capturing quick impulse recordings.
  • Intuitive simple to use interface.
  • User guide for easy instruction to all features and functions.
  • Recordings can be transcribed on your PC by using speech to text applications like Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred Edition.


  • Digital noise reduction software to remove repetitive background noise from recordings.
  • Microphone sensitivity boost allows for far field recordings.
  • Automatic boost reduction helps eliminate microphone clipping and recording distortion.
  • Speaker volume boost to amplify weak recordings.
  • Microphone input level VU meters.
  • Four different sampling rates to control the size and quality of the recordings.
  • Three different recording formats: WAVE, CAF, AIFF

Recording & Playback Functions:

  • Access rapid playback with a single click.
  • Single button to play all recordings.
  • Ability to fast forward, pause & reverse during playback.
  • Fast forward and fast reverse during playback using finger swipe gestures, or by using the audio position slider.
  • Append to existing recordings.
  • Ability to pause during a recording.
  • Easy navigation between recordings, using finger swipe gestures.

Recording Storage:

  • Unlimited recording time with device-memory read out.
  • Organize, store and retrieve recordings using editable category folders.
  • Automatic numbering helps keep recordings organized in sequence.
  • Rename recordings.
  • Easy to move recordings to different categories.
  • View detailed information about recordings.
  • View recordings by category, or view recordings in all categories at once.
  • Add, delete, rename and rearrange recording categories.
  • Delete all recordings.

Transfer Recordings:

  • Directly email your audio files in real time – not just as a link.
  • Organize, store and retrieve recordings using editable category folders.


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