PureAudio™ Noise Reduction & Center Channel Focus

New Andrea Electronics PureAudio™ Noise Reduction & Center Channel Focus VST3 Plug-in for Editing Post-Processing

*Note: This software works with numerous audio/video applications that support VST3 plug-ins and will only work with 64-bit versions of Windows applications.

PureAudio’s Adaptive Digital Noise Reduction Filter reduces up to -40dB of repetitive noises, while supporting wide frequency bandwidth sample rates of up to 48Khz. The variable control allows the user to select the level of noise cancellation for the desired amount to be applied to the embedded noisy segment.
Center Channel Focus is a new feature for the broadcast industry. This is an adaptive audio algorithm that cancels the stereo ambient sound mixed into the broadcast main audio stream. This feature focuses and highlights the center channel voice audio for better intelligibility and listening to the speech content of the recording.

PureAudio™ Noise Reduction and Center Channel Focus functions are perfect for editing mobile journalism interviews that take place in real world noisy environments.

This new speech enhancement technology for broadcasting can also greatly improve the listening intelligibility for transcription services such as Closed Captioning (CC), perfect for content that is typically corrupted with crowd noise making transcription services more challenging and fatiguing to transcribers over time.

Andrea Noise Reduction Plug-In used with Adobe Premiere Pro:

PureAudio™ Noise Reduction & Center Channel Focus GUI
PureAudio Noise Reduction & Center Channel Focus GUI

The GUI May Look Different in Other Apps That Support VST3 Plug-ins
PureAudio Noise Reduction & Center Channel Focus GUI

PureAudio’s Adaptive Digital Noise Reduction Filter Review:

Andrea’s PureAudio Noise reduction filter is an editors dream come true. This filter effortlessly isolates the spoken word from unwanted background noise and can instantly clean up voice recordings, interviews, or dialogue with a touch of a button. It takes all the guesswork out of the cleaning up audio and I highly recommend it.

I have used audio noise reduction filters before, but have always found them to be difficult and unintuitive to use. After spending what seems like hours trying to recover bad audio, the results have always been mixed. But, PureAudio stands out from the pack and is one of the best I have seen in the industry. I would call it a smart filter – I just apply it to my audio clip, and it immediately isolates the dialogue. It lowers hums and annoying planes that fly overset. There is a slider that can bring some of that background sound back if you want it for aesthetic. And that’s it – you’re done. It’s truly revolutionary how simple and refined it is.

The best part is that there is no wasted time rendering and you can show your production team instant results without the need to sweeten in a mix session.

PureAudio even saved my production money by fixing some audio that I thought we would have to go back and reshoot.

In my experience, the best way to get crisp, clean audio is to record it under the best conditions. But when unexpected noise creeps into your recording, Andrea’s PureAudio Noise reduction filter can save the day.

– Matt Grzan, Director of Post Production for The Paramount Network – Viacom.

About Matt Grzan – He has 20+ years experience in video post production for broadcast television. He has worked for many major companies in the industry over his career including as a creative video editor for Showtime, CBS, and Spike TV. He now runs the post facility for The Paramount Network at Viacom.


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