Engineered Arts Ltd.

A Customer Success Story

Engineered Arts Ltd.

Engineered Arts Ltd. designs and produces an ever expanding range of humanoid and semi-humanoid robots featuring natural human-like movement and advanced social behaviors. Their humanoid robots are used worldwide for social interaction, communication and entertainment at public exhibitions and attractions, as well as university research labs.

RoboThespian™ is a life sized humanoid robot designed for human interaction in a public environment.
With its web based interface controlling movement, sound and video, it is fully interactive, multilingual, and user-friendly, making it a perfect device with which to communicate and entertain.

RoboThespian™ was designed from the outset to provide a flexible communication medium.
Its Tele-presence feature utilizes VoIP video and audio conferencing technology for the operator to interact with people by way of a live conversation via the robot, whether it is being used for communication, research or entertainment.

The Need:

The Telepresence system required a more natural human to machine interface without the need for a handheld close taking microphone.

The Solution:

The Andrea DA-250 digital beam forming and noise reduction array provided a full turnkey far field microphone solution, providing intelligible voice pickup while achieving significant microphone performance for the robot located in real world noisy environments.

Before & After:

Go from speaking to your robot like this…


To this!

DA-252 Array Microphone

Learn more about the Andrea Electronics DA-252 OEM Array Microphone.