Far Field Microphone Array

Far Field Microphone Array Technology: DA-250 OEM
far field microphone array

Far Field Microphone Array

Far Field Microphone Array

Andrea Electronics is an innovator of patented Digital Far Field Microphone Array technology and a supplier of premium voice interface solutions for demanding customer applications.

Far Field Microphone Array: Platform Design

The Far Field Microphone Array by Andrea Electronics (DA-250), is a small, compact Far Field Array Microphone and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) circuit board platform that can easily be integrated into many different OEM devices that would greatly benefit from far field noise canceling array microphone performance, but in the past has been unattainable with an embedded microphone configuration.

Far Field Microphone Array: Superior Performance

The DA-250 Far Field Array Microphone is perfect for systems that demand superior microphone sound quality and performance for speech recognition accuracy and/or communication system intelligibility, while at the same time requiring the user to speak at distance from the microphone.

Andrea Electronics Corporation designs, develops and manufactures a variety of audio technologies and equipment like the far field microphone array for enhancing applications that require high performance and high quality voice input.

To learn more about Andrea Electronics, visit: AndreaElectronics.com/About.

Additional Microphone Products by Andrea Electronics


USB-SA Array Microphone

The USB-SA Array Microphone provides a digital USB sound card with Andrea’s stereo array microphone and patented audio enhancement software in a bundle.

The product includes:

  • PureAudio™ USB-SA External Digital Sound Card
  • SuperBeam™ Stereo Array Microphone
  • AudioCommander™ Software Suite

Andrea’s USB-SA external digital sound card eliminates computer noise floor problems as it utilizes high quality digital circuitry to bypasses your desktop or laptop computer’s sound system.

This device provides increased fidelity and performance of stereo microphone input and stereo speaker output for all of your computer audio applications.

For more information, visit: Andrea Electronics: USB-SA Array Microphone

DA-350 Automotive Array Microphone

auto-array-mic-674x335The Automotive Array DA-350 is a linear multi-element array microphone with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) circuitry contained within a single microphone housing.

The DA-350 is ideal for achieving superior voice intelligibility and accuracy of Speech Recognition systems and hands-free cellular speakerphones used in high noise environments.

For more information, visit: Andrea Electronics: DA-350 Automotive Array Microphone